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This email is for the man (or men) in your life! And, if you are a man reading this, THANK YOU!

Hello my dear friend,

Second to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

Prostate cancer is a slow growing cancer and is usually not fatal, well 1 in 35 can die from it. Hopefully you are not that one.
If you are a man and live to be older than 80, you have an 80% chance of having prostate cancer. It can start as early as your 30’s.

Prostatitis is the first sign of a change in the prostate. Here are some signs and symptoms to be aware of:
– Urgency and frequency in the need to urinate
– The need to get up and urinate many times during the night
– Blood in the urine or semen
– Pain or burning with urination
– Painful ejaculation
– Dribbling of urine
 Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, pelvis or rectal area, or upper thighs. Usually, the most common complaint is low back pain, not realizing that the pain is coming from the prostate.

If you are, or if you know someone that is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, please get them in to see their doctor.

If you find that you have been diagnosed with an infection, whether it is a bacterial infection or a yeast infection, be aware that these can be transmitted to your partner during intercourse, and they may need to be treated as well. (This is a heads up for us women).

Thank you Dr. Lowell Keppell for this information. I hope this will be of help to some of you!

Have a wonderful week!

Much love and gratitude, Janalee

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