“RESET” – a poem meant to be shared with you…

Thank you for allowing me to share amazing information with you each week.

Today, this poem may speak to you.


Words that we choose will create what is real.

The same goes for the emotions we feel.

Thoughts are just your words left unsaid.

They’re just as powerful while trapped in your head.

You can manifest your dreams, love, and romance,

Or create disease and unfortunate circumstance.

Emotions are like the gas in your car,

When running on empty you won’t go very far.

Words can be flowers or they can be weeds,

Choose to water either one of their seeds.

Each seed is planted in fertile soil,

Choose if they flower, triumph, or turmoil.

Words and thoughts can turn you into a mule,

But with focused emotion they can be jet fuel.

Water the flowers and get into your flow,

Focus your mind and you’re sure to grow.


Hello dear friend-

Our thoughts are what focus our lives.

If you desire to pull the weeds, emotion code can be done with ease.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love and gratitude! Janalee

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