Spiritual Exercise

Hello my friend,

Marianne Williamson is an author I have admired for most of my adult life. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to her book, A Year of Miracles. It has 365 devotions and reflections.I am about half way through it as I do not read from it every day. This week’s email comes from her book and I am going to quote it since it is perfect in her words.

“Day 228

I use prayer and meditation to exercise my spiritual body.

Just as I look to food to fuel my physical self, I look to meditation and prayer to fuel my spiritual self. Just as I look to physical exercise to strengthen my physical body, I look to spiritual exercise to strengthen my spirit.

Gravity works on both physical and emotional levels. Just as I do not wish physical gravity to pull down my muscles, I don’t wish spiritual gravity to pull down my thoughts. I work against emotional gravity– thoughts of fear, cynicism, negativity, victim consciousness, anger, judgement, and defensiveness– by praying and meditating throughout the day.

The ego will constantly tempt me to attach myself to a fear-based interpretation of the world. I fly instead on angels’ wings—the thoughts of love—above the fray of worldly confusion. I pray and meditate to keep my mind on love. And thus I soar above the illusions of the world.”

So beautifully said. I had never thought about my thoughts as being spiritual exercise. This world is in a lot of confusion. Love is definitely the answer. What if all of us who read this email make an extra effort this week to exercise love with everyone we come in contact with. I am going to! Love is contagious. Let’s spread this around!

Love to you all! Have an amazing week.


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