The Gift of Receiving

Hello friends-

We hear all the time, it is better to give than to receive.

But is it?

It is easier to give than to receive. Why? When we receive something we feel obligated to give something in return.

This can make us feel uncomfortable.

Here is Sheila Penleton’s answer for that, “In order to open ourselves to receive, we must become vulnerable and admit that we have needs, and then accept that we are worthy of having those needs filled by another.”

We are never told that it is just as good to receive as it is to give.

Being open to receiving benefits both the giver and the receiver. When we allow ourselves to receive, we offer others the opportunity to give. When you allow your cup to be filled, your ability and desire to care for others increases. You can let go of the feeling that no one takes care of you but you.

Also, when you allow yourself to receive, it opens the door to another gift that I have spoken about often…the gift of gratitude. Gratitude blesses us and allows more beautiful experiences to come into our lives.

So when someone offers to do something nice for you, gives you a gift for no reason or for that special occasion, be gracious and enjoy it. It is your time to receive and theirs to give.

The pendulum is always swinging…and some time it will be your turn to give. Won’t it be wonderful when your gift is accepted with pure joy and gratitude.

Have a wonderful time receiving!

With much love and gratitude to you!

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