The Law of Detachment


Hello my dear friend,

Last month we learned about the Law of Attraction. This month we are learning the Law of Detachment. This information is from the book, Energy In Action by Sherianna Boyle, chapter 8.
What this law entails is that in order to manifest our desires, we must release attachment to the outcome as well as what path we might take to get there. If you are looking, hoping, or working towards love, success, etc., you need to let go of the way you think it ought to happen. When in doubt…detach.

Tune in to this law to… Relinquish and let go. Transform fear and doubt. Bring in peace.

When you are in a state of attachment, your ego is in charge. The ego functions as a defensive mechanism. It has a lot of pride, it does not want to fail, look bad, or be alone. So it will try to protect you. This can put you into a push state to get what you want. To push is pressure. This is a reaction, a state of suffering.

When you are in a state of detachment, you feel more at ease. You allow yourself to feel all experiences whether pleasant or unpleasant without any attachment. You are able to recognize triggered thoughts which are often memories of the past or projections of the future. Being in a state of detachment is being in the present. This is the same state where you can notice, observe, allow, and receive.

One way to align yourself to the Law of Detachment is to assess what you value. When you attach to things like the outcome you want, you weaken your vibration. If you don’t value the time you have, then how are you going to attract more of it? The same goes for love, abundance, freedom. If you value abundance, then tune into areas of your life where abundance exists. Let your values shift your thinking rather than your thinking develop your values.

The Law of Detachment encourages you to loosen your grip, relax a little and let go of the need to work harder.

You are disconnected from this law when… 

– You are fixed on a certain outcome or problem.

– You give others or yourself ultimatums.

– You feel territorial or easily offended.

– You believe other people are inconsiderate of your wants or needs.

– You feel separate or alone, maybe even wounded by someone choosing to disconnect from you.

– You are in a trigger state, perhaps talking, thinking, or ranting about the things you dislike or can’t have. 

– You are holding yourself back from saying something inappropriate or angry.

You are connected to this law when… 

– You let go of controlling other people’s journey’s.

– You honor your emotions by breathing and taking some space for yourself.

– You have a sense of inner strength.

– You are able to be the observer or the witness rather than attach to thoughts. 

– You are grateful for the lessons even if they come with discomfort and pain. 

– You no longer feel the need to defend your position. You’re able to respond clearly without getting heated.

– You feel calm and secure. 

– You are no longer pushing through your pain; instead, you take your foot off the gas pedal and allowing yourself to ride out the discomfort. 

– You give permission to others to do what feels right (even if you don’t agree).

– You accept the reactions of another without needing to change them.

– You choose to love and honor your emotions.

Manifesting Message: If you want to remove negativity in your life, then your intention will be to focus on freedom. Negativity (whether it is yours or someone else’s) may be a sign of feeling restricted. You need space to detach. Just like a plant requires space to grow, you may benefit from space to enhance your ability to notice, observe, allow, and receive freedom. Ask yourself if there are tasks, roles, or habits you can relinquish. Are there areas you may be overdoing it? How might detaching from expectations and outcomes support your inner freedom?

Affirmation: I let go and allow.

Much love, gratitude and detachment! Janalee

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